Broken Boot Gold Mine:: Deadwood, South Dakota

Another great stop on our road trip out west was at Broken Boot Gold Mine in Deadwood, South Dakota. Although we had the pleasure of being their guests, all thoughts are my own. After checking in and putting on our safety helmets, Sky led us into the mine. The Broken Boot Gold Mine is named after the nearly 100 year old boot that can be seen in the mine. Sky was very informative and funny. He was also patient while the kids picked up rocks off the ground to fill their bags and when we stopped to take pictures or adjust our helmets. The tour included good information that was interesting and there were plenty of things to look at in the mine. It was neat when Sky turned the lights off and showed us what the mine looked like in candlelight.

Broken Boot Gold Mine Collage.jpg

After the tour of the mine, the kids got to pan for gold. Sky explained what to do and the kids were able to follow along. After all the rocks came out, each of the kids had flecks of gold, which they put into the little vile of water they gave them. The kids loved that!

Broken Boot Gold Mine Collage 3

We had a great time at the Broken Boot Gold Mine. It is something we will all remember. If you are in the area, stop on by and check it out. Broken Boot Gold Mine Collage 2.jpg


Rushmore Cave:: Keystone, South Dakota

On our road trip out west, we had the pleasure of being guests at Rushmore Cave in Keystone, South Dakota. Although we were guests, all thoughts are my own. After visiting Mount Rushmore in the morning and having a picnic lunch, we made the short drive to Rushmore Cave, which is just outside of Keystone. When we arrived, everything looked very nice and clean. It was easy to see where to buy tickets and check in for the cave tour.

Rushmore Cave Collage 1

We went on our tour with Mason. He was very enthusiastic about caves and made the tour interesting for all ages. Mason gave a nice history of the cave, answered questions, and threw in a few jokes. He talked about cave preservation and not touching the walls, which Cara took very seriously. That is why she is crossing her arms!

Rushmore Cave Collage.jpgThe cave tour was lots of fun and educational, too. The kids, Derek, and I really enjoyed it. After the cave tour, Abby and Cade got to go on the Soaring Eagle Zipline. Cara wasn’t quite tall enough, which she wasn’t very happy about…but safety first! I think Cade was a little nervous at first, but they loved it!

Rushmore Cave Collage Zipline.jpg

After a visit to the gift shop, our visit was complete. Rushmore Cave also offers a Gunslinger 7-D Interactive Ride and panning for gold. I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the Keystone area. It helped complete the day with our visit to Mount Rushmore.