Northwest Road Trip

We will go on probably two other trips before our Northwest Road Trip next summer, but I had to get a jump start on it so we had a place to stay in Yellowstone Park. When I started looking into places to stay, I found that some rooms were already booked. I was looking at the geyser view rooms at Old Faithful Inn and saw that they were sold for all of June and July of next summer. I figured I better get at it and find us a room in Yellowstone before all that was left were rooms that we didn’t want or no rooms at all.  I chose the Old Faithful Snow Lodge Frontier Cabin for 2 nights. When I booked the cabin a few weeks ago, there were only 2 consecutive days in July. It made choosing the dates pretty easy. When I just checked, there are not even 2 consecutive days left in July. My thought is that we will use that as a base and venture out during the day. Then when the day crowds are gone, we will explore the Old Faithful area in the evening.

ImageI have just a general route planned out for now, but I’m glad to have the cabin set at Yellowstone. I will have a lot more to plan but luckily I have time to do it.