Hollywood Studios and Hollywood & Vine:: Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This was another early start to the day. We got to Hollywood Studios before it opened for an 8:00 reservation at Hollywood & Vine where some of the Playhouse Disney characters were. Again, the food was great. The service could have been better, but the fact that Abby got to dance with Handy Manny made it all worth it. Leo and June from Little Einsteins were there along with JoJo from JoJo’s Circus and Handy Manny. After breakfast, Mom and I took the kids to see Pooh and Piglet while Dad and Derek went to the Toy Story 3 ride to get fast passes. The fast pass return was over 2 hours away, so we went to a Playhouse Disney show and Little Mermaid Show while we waited. The Toy Story ride was really fun. I wish we had gotten a 2nd fast pass before we went on it because I think we were still there when the return time would have been…oh, well. We were getting better at the fast pass thing. We waited in line to meet Buzz and Woody and then Cade fell asleep and we had lunch at Pizza Planet (just like from Toy Story). After lunch the rain started and we luckily had rain ponchos in the bag. It was the first day I had packed them. It was a complete downpour. We made it to the Indiana Jones set and watched some stunts and then were trying to make our way back to the Playhouse Disney when it absolutely poured. We took shelter and waited. When it let up quite a bit, we made it the rest of the way there and watched the show for the second time. Then we saw the Beauty and the Beast show. We got some icecream on the way out and had a great day.