San Antonio River Walk (Paseo del Rio):: Sunday, March 7, 2010

We spent Sunday morning at a park nearby to the hotel. The kids had a blast. It was one of those big wooden ones that is kind of like a castle. It started to rain on us after awhile, so we packed both kids into the stroller and walked up to the food court at the mall for some lunch.

After lunch we went to the Alamo. There were people dressed up since it was the anniversary of the battle. Neither of the kids wanted their pictures taken with anyone. On the way there, Abby saw someone and whispered to me, “He’s a bad guy.”

After a lazy afternoon at the hotel, we went to supper at a nice little Italian place right on the Riverwalk. We sat inside and had great service. The food was good and we were right by a window overlooking the river. After supper we waited for John to come and we walked to Marble Slab for some icecream. The kids loved it.


Park Royal Hotel, Cozumel, Mexico:: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We woke up to another beautiful day. It was warm and sunny! We took our beach toys to breakfast and went straight from the buffet to the beach. It was nice to get there early before many people were even starting their day and have some time almost to ourselves. The kids were chasing the pelicans and running around the chairs. The kids had the best time burying Derek in sand. Abby put one little strip of sand on his arm and said it was done. I helped out a little with the big shovel and we got him completely covered.We only saw a few lizards the whole time we were there. This one was the largest and was sunning itself by the pool. Cade loved jumping in the pool. He must have done it a hundred times. My arms got tired way before he did.Cade took his nap by the pool, which was nice because then we didn’t have to sit in the room all afternoon.As soon as Abby saw the balloons, she wanted to join in the water aerobics. It was comical, if nothing else, but Abby had a great time.When Cade woke up from his nap, he got dinner and a show. He ate a hot dog, or as he calls it a “bot bot” and watched the aerobics.We ate dinner at the buffet and then made our way back to the room, thinking we should get the kids to bed early. Cade fell asleep early, but Abby was still awake when the night show started, so she wanted to see it. We could hear it from our room and see it from the balcony, so I took her out to the balcony to watch for awhile. When she came back in the room, she fell asleep pretty quickly. It had been a long few days in the sun and we were all pretty worn out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The morning started again with breakfast at the buffet with what would turn out to be our usuals. It was good, again. After breakfast, we hung out in the lobby for awhile and used the ipod touches, since that is where the wifi was at. The weather was not cooperating so we went back to the room and then Cade took a nap. Even though it was a little chilly, Derek and Abby went to the beach while I stayed with Cade in the room. They built a castle for Barbie and had a great time. I believe Abby ate some more pizza from the snack bar and probably another strawberry daquiri. When they got back to the room, Cade was still sleeping and Abby took a nap as well. When they both woke up, we had a late lunch at the buffet. We stopped for some nachos and a little pizza for Abby at the snack bar afterward. It poured that afternoon and into the night. It poured and poured and poured. We had to walk outside to get to the buffet for dinner after spending the entire afternoon in the room. Our shoes were drenched and our clothes weren’t very dry either! It was Italian night at the buffet but the kids didn’t feel like sitting very long, so we didn’t eat too much. Later that night, Abby and I went to Bingo night while Derek stayed back with Cade to get him to bed. Abby and I each had a strawberry daquiri while we waited for the Bingo to begin. It was alright, but after about 3 games Abby and I were both ready to be done. We went back to the room and prayed for better weather the next day before we fell asleep.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our hotel room was comfortable, fairly quiet, and the beds were comfortable. We started the day with breakfast at the buffet. Abby’s favorite would turn out to be pancake dipped in chocolate sauce (hey…we were on vacation!) and Cade loved the fruit (as usual). Derek usually went for some type of pastry and fruit and I ate French toast every day. We went to the beach and mostly played in the sand as it was a little chilly and windy. Most locals had on pants and a jacket, although it was still warm to us and we were dressed in shorts and T-shirts. When they asked where we were from, they understood a little better, but I still don’t think they really got it. To them, it was cold. We walked down the street to the 7-Eleven to buy some candy and stopped at a street vendor to buy a few souvenirs. After we got back, Cade took a nap and Abby and I went to the beach while Derek stayed with Cade. That is when Abby discovered the snack bars. They had pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, and pizza. I know, I already mentioned pizza, but if you knew how much pizza Abby ate while we were there, you would understand why I mentioned it twice! On this day alone, she ate 7 pieces of pizza. In fact, that is how she learned how to count to 10 in Spanish. By the end of the trip, we had lost track, but I estimate about 30 pieces of pizza were consumed by Abby alone. Abby and I ate at the beach snack bar, Marlin Azul and she drank her favorite drink, strawberry daquiri. It came close in number to the pizza! After Cade’s nap, we hung out and ate dinner at the buffet. After dinner we got a taxi and went toward town to a local Christmas festival. They had food booths, clowns with balloons, dancers (not great, high school maybe), Barney, Santa, and Christmas decorations. It was interesting if nothing else. We got a cab back to the hotel and by the time we got to the room, it was time for bed.
This was the view from our balcony.

This was our spacious room.
This is the Park Royal’s private beach.
Derek and the kids standing by the hot tub overlooking the ocean. It wasn’t very hot!!

The hotel had a kids’ club where there were toys and puzzles. It was nice for a change of pace.

Abby loved the candy we bought at the 7-Eleven.

It was a little windy. Look at Cade’s hair!

Abby lOvEd the pizza!

The kids were watching the dancers at the festival.

This Christmas tree was in the open air lobby at Park Royal.