My name is Laura and I love to travel.  Traveling is in my blood. It has been passed down through the generations. I learned to stand up in the back of our station wagon while driving up the east coast when I was 7 months old. My 90 something Grandma used to always say, “I never regret any money I spend on trips.” My Dad agrees and so do I.

I love traveling with my kids. The memory making opportunities and the experiences that shape who they are are amazing. Abby is 7-years-old, going on 17. She is spunky and funny. Abby cares deeply about things and top on her list right now is dolphins. She has been begging to have a dolphin encounter.  Cade is 5-years-old. He is a kind hearted boy who loves to be on the go. He enjoys exploring and being on the go. While walking down the streets of Chicago, he and his little sister yelled down the sewers for the Ninja Turtles, his top love right now. Cara is 2-years-old. She is sweet and silly. She likes to make people laugh and says “Hi!” to people everywhere we go.

June 5, 2012 Michigan (48)My husband Derek and I have been together for 18 years. We started dating our junior year of high school. We started traveling together while we were in college and have continued ever since. Traveling with children has changed some of the things we do, but has not changed our love of travel. Derek is a school administrator which gives us some time in the summer  and holidays when the kids are not in school to go places.


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