Magic Kingdom:: Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday morning we rented a little two seater speed boat and took turns going out. Derek and Abby went first and then Derek took Cade. I found out later from Abby that “The lady told Daddy to slow down.” The lady would be lake patrol! haha David, Maddy, Jonah, Grace, Mom and Dad took turns too. We swam and relaxed by the pool and then had a light lunch before heading over to the Magic Kingdom for our last day at Disney World. Derek, the kids, and I met Mom and Dad at Liberty Tree Tavern for a late lunch. The food was very good. After lunch, Mom and Dad went on their own and we headed off to do some souvenir shopping, riding, and character meeting. Abby and I stood in line forever to meet the fairies, but Abby loved it. Silvermist, Tinkerbell, and Rosetta were there. We rode lots of rides after that and had some cold drinks, including one that had orange sherbet with pineapple juice. It was tasty! I made the kids ride Pirates of the Caribbean probably 4 times. It is my favorite. We stayed just long enough that we got stuck in a gift shop, blocked by the parade and made our way to the boat right after the parade finished. We got to watch the fireworks from the boat. It was the perfect ending to the night.


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