San Antonio Children’s Museum:: Monday, March 8, 2010

Derek had a session Monday morning and then we checked out and headed to the San Antonio Children’s Museum. The best part was the HEB grocery store in the basement. The kids had a blast.

Remember the show Supermarket Sweep? Looks like they are ready!

Cade LOVED the bananas. He lined them all up, put them in his cart, lined them up, put them back…pretty much played with bananas the whole time! We left for lunch. We walked a few blocks to McDonald’s and then walked back to the museum. Cade fell asleep on the way back. Abby played dress up, read books, and played in a neat ball area.

When Cade woke up, we left and walked to El Mercado. I wasn’t quite as impressed as the first time we were there years ago, but we found a great Mexican bakery and got some good treats to eat on our walk back. On our way back toward the hotel, we found this neat fountain area in front of a church.

We made it the rest of the way back to the hotel and got our bags and met up with Karen. We took a taxi to the airport and got there pretty early. We ate and waited and waited. By the time we boarded the plane, I was so ready to be home and the kids were too. We were on our way and then, earlier than I thought, we started our descent. The pilot came on the intercom and announced that we were landing but that it wouldn’t look like Chicago, because it wasn’t Chicago. It was St. Louis. What?! Midway was pretty much shut down because of dense fog. Ugh! Abby started crying that she wanted our car. We landed and after some debate, we decided not to rent a car and drive home, but go to the Holiday Inn and take a flight in the morning. While we were making the decision, Cade threw up all over the floor, me and himself. Ugh! Derek went into a SW office and told them and that they might want to have someone come clean it up. About 15 minutes later, a paramedic was asking us questions about it. They had called an ambulance! Ugh! We made our way to where the shuttle was supposed to pick us up and there were so many people going to the Holiday Inn that we couldn’t fit on the first shuttle. Ugh! While we were waiting, Cade had diarrhea and it leaked through his diaper and pants. Ugh! After I got Cade cleaned up, Abby says, “I peed in my pants!” Ugh! I checked and they didn’t look wet. I checked again and told her that a few drips didn’t count. Thank God! We finally got on the shuttle, made it to the hotel, and were in our beds and sleeping by midnight! What a crappy travel day. They happen, luckily not real often.

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