The Alamo:: Friday, March 5, 2010

The kids and I were on our own for most of the day since Derek was at the conference. It was a bit chilly but we headed out and explored the Riverwalk area.

We stopped at what would end up being called our “snack bench” for a snack of juice boxes and pb&j crackers. We found out that the ducks liked the pb&j crackers and the kids were glad to share. There were quite a few ducks including 10 ducklings.
After a morning walk around the Riverwalk, we went back to the room for a little bit before heading out in the other direction to The Alamo. We walked around the outside and took some pictures. Abby is getting pretty good at taking pictures too.

Cade helped me take this one of The Alamo. After The Alamo, we walked a few blocks and had lunch at McDonald’s. Well, two of us had lunch at McDonald’s. Cade fell asleep on the short walk there and then I had to lift the entire stroller with him in it up the stairs to get into McDonald’s and then when we were finished lift him back down. He of course woke up right when we got back to the hotel, which meant he didn’t get a very long nap.

We hung out in the hotel room and waited for Derek to get back from his conference. Abby took a nap while we waited and she napped and napped and napped. Midnight the night before had caught up with her. She slept for nearly 3 hours. By then Derek was done with the conference for the day so we walked along the Riverwalk to the mall area and ate at Chili’s. The service was awful so Derek took the kids down to listen to some music while we waited. I think that sitting outside would end up being a bad idea in the future as well.

After supper we wandered back to the hotel. John picked Derek up just before 7 and they went to the San Antonio Spurs game. The kids and I relaxed and Cade went to bed pretty early since he had such a short nap. Abby stayed up later than I did and I finally had to tell her to quit poking me. I’m not sure what time she fell asleep, but luckily she did!

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