Park Royal Hotel, Cozumel, Mexico:: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We woke up to another beautiful day. It was warm and sunny! We took our beach toys to breakfast and went straight from the buffet to the beach. It was nice to get there early before many people were even starting their day and have some time almost to ourselves. The kids were chasing the pelicans and running around the chairs. The kids had the best time burying Derek in sand. Abby put one little strip of sand on his arm and said it was done. I helped out a little with the big shovel and we got him completely covered.We only saw a few lizards the whole time we were there. This one was the largest and was sunning itself by the pool. Cade loved jumping in the pool. He must have done it a hundred times. My arms got tired way before he did.Cade took his nap by the pool, which was nice because then we didn’t have to sit in the room all afternoon.As soon as Abby saw the balloons, she wanted to join in the water aerobics. It was comical, if nothing else, but Abby had a great time.When Cade woke up from his nap, he got dinner and a show. He ate a hot dog, or as he calls it a “bot bot” and watched the aerobics.We ate dinner at the buffet and then made our way back to the room, thinking we should get the kids to bed early. Cade fell asleep early, but Abby was still awake when the night show started, so she wanted to see it. We could hear it from our room and see it from the balcony, so I took her out to the balcony to watch for awhile. When she came back in the room, she fell asleep pretty quickly. It had been a long few days in the sun and we were all pretty worn out.


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