Friday, June 19, 2009

It was our last day of driving. We first started out with some breakfast which was included. There were waffles, yogurt, pastries, cereal, and fruit. We all ate and then Derek and Abby waited until 9:00 to go swimming. While they swam, Dad filled up the van with gas and I got our things packed up. We left at about 10:00am and made it to the Ohio/Indiana border when we stopped at Burger King for lunch. Everything went very smoothly until we got to within about 10 minutes of passing over I55. There was construction and I don’t know what all, and traffic was backed up and pretty much at a stop for MILES! We got on the right shoulder and drove to the next exit, which Derek found on the map would lead to Rt. 6. We got on Rt.6 and didn’t drive very far when we hit more stand still traffic. It didn’t clear up until after we passed the I55 ramps. We finally started moving and got back on I80 at Morris. It was around 5:00 when we pulled into our driveway. It had been a wonderful trip, but we were all glad to be done driving. Mom and Dad stayed the night and headed home the next morning. Abby and Cade both cried when they left. Cade said, “Um-uh, um-uh, um-uhhhh!” Abby cried for about 10 minutes until I finally got her distracted with some painting. They got spoiled getting to see them every day and really miss all the time together.


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