Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy birthday Dave!
The included breakfast was okay. We had danish, fruit, cereal, muffins, and juice. After breakfast we got our things packed up and headed out at about 9:40. The National Basketball Hall of Fame opened at 10 and it was only a short drive away. I had visited there with my family when I was in 2nd grade, but it is in a different building now and it was very nice. We got there shortly after 10 and began touring. The third floor, where we started, was a little boring for the kids and Mom and I had to keep moving. The second floor had a little more for them to see, like uniforms and some places to play around (like pop-a-shot). Abby was very impressed with the old uniform that looked like a onesie. The first floor was a full court basketball court with other baskets lined up along the side. One of them was a peach basket with no backboard and then wooden backboard, and so on as they improved over the years. The kids had fun running around, shooting, and throwing the balls. After the Hall of Fame, we stopped in the gift shop for some souvenirs and then got some Subway and took it outside and ate on a bench. We then headed north to the Yankee Candle Store. Although I am not very interested in candles, we decided to go because of a brochure we had picked up. We got there about an hour later and the store was pretty neat. We walked through the Black Forest and got “snowed” on. Then we went to Santa’s workshop and saw Santa. We also saw where they make candles and lots and lots of Christmas decorations and candy. After the Yankee Candle Store, we drove east toward Boston. We stopped for directions once and then found our hotel…our VERY nice hotel in Lexington, MA, just outside of Boston. The Element by Wyndham was wonderful. We had a kitchen in our room, a very large bathroom with glass shower, big screen tv that could turn to see it anywhere in the room, a couch, desk with free internet, and 2 beds. The hotel itself had an indoor warm salt water pool, Wii in the lobby, and it was just a comfortable feel. Derek, Dad, and the kids went swimming while Mom and I cooked supper. I had brought some food along since we knew we had the kitchen. We had pasta, green beans, pears, mandarin oranges, and jello later on. After the kids went to sleep, Derek did some work on the computer and I went over to Mom and Dad’s to play some cards.


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