Thursday, May 7, 2009

We packed up the car and headed to one of Kelli’s Sylvan centers. Derek was going to talk to her directors about reading before we headed home. The kids and I played in a conference room and then walked down to Lakeshore store. After Derek finished talking, Kelli realized that her purse had been stolen. We tried to help her call people to get her phone stopped, etc… It was a mess and I felt so bad. We ended up leaving the center at about 12:15 and went over to the McDonald’s for lunch before heading home. We later found out that Kelli’s purse was found at that same McDonald’s in the men’s restroom. How crazy would it have been if Derek had been the one to find it?! We left McDonald’s at 1:00, stopped for gas, and were on our way. The kids both fell asleep for awhile and then watched movies. We made it to Roscoe by 5:30. We made Stuckey time that day! We didn’t even stop…just kept driving and driving and driving. I have no idea where I get that from. Dad, do you know? hahaha We ate supper and then Derek took the other car and headed home. The kids and I stayed over and I was glad to not have to drive the rest of the way home.


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