Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Derek was off early to another day of conferences. The kids and I got ready and left the hotel at 8:50. We headed to the Normal Children’s Museum and arrived shortly after they opened at 9:00. Abby and Cade both had a lot of fun. Abby’s favorite was the climbing part. We did a pretty good job of avoiding the field trip groups, but it reminded me how much I miss teaching … NOT! Cade played in the small kid area while Abby went to the water table. Then they played in the pretend grocery store and pizza place. After that we went up to the second floor before it got too busy. Abby rode on the combine and the red tractor and tried the climbing thing, but it was too busy with bigger kids. She kept getting trampled. We headed up to the third floor. She painted for a long time and Cade sat in the stroller. He was getting pretty tired. We went back down to the second floor and found a table in the snack area. Abby and Cade had some goldfish and dried apples. After that, Cade fell asleep in the stroller at about 11 and Abby climbed in the climbing area. Cade slept for about 1 1/2 hours while Abby went back and did her favorite things and a few things we had skipped on the first floor. She painted, rode the tractors, climbed, shopped in the grocery store, and checked out the medical center. After that Cade woke up just as we were ready to leave. We stopped in the gift shop and I got Cade a pinwheel and Abby chose a change purse.
After the museum, we went to McDonald’s for lunch. Cade picked up his cheeseburger and took bites of it. It was so cute. Between all of his coughing, it was amazing that he was able to eat at all. Both of the kids must have been very hungry and I guess it made sense because it was about 1:00 by the time we were eating. After lunch, they shared a strawberry sundae and at all of it. Cade fed himself with his spoon. He made quite a little mess, but he did a good job.

Our next stop was the Eastland Mall. I wanted to use the Kohl’s cash that Mom had given me. I found some shoes for Cade. They are white Adidas with red stripes…pretty cool, but not velcro. I am getting really tired of tying his shoes, but the other ones just look kind of dumb. I think this summer I might have to try some crocs for both the kids. I want something easy that they can just slip on. After that I headed down to Penney’s to spend the $10 Mother’s Day certificate that I got in the mail. I found a cute yellow and white striped dress for Abby. It reminded me of one I had when I was in 4th grade, so I really wanted her to have it. After a quick diaper change, we headed back to the hotel. Abby fell asleep in the car for about 3 minutes, but woke up when we got to the hotel. It was already 3:00, so I was kind of glad that she didn’t stay asleep
We played in the room for a few hours until Derek got done with his meetings at 5:00. John came over at 5:30 and brought some pizza for supper. After we ate, we walked down to the pool and then Derek and Abby went swimming for a little bit. After John left, we decided that it was time to get the kids back in their own beds and we wanted to run the vaporizer for Cade’s cough. We left the hotel at about 7:00 and Abby was sleeping about 2 minutes down the road. The rest of the night is captured on our other blog http://www.kilmartin.blogspot.com/ …. interesting stuff! 😉

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