Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!
It was a slow going Easter morning. During the whole trip, especially with the kids being sick, it was reall difficult to get them going in the morning. It was a little easier, being Easter, but it wasn’t the usual. Anyway, Derek went to the car to get some things, or at least that is what we told Abby. He actually went down to the hotel garden and got the egg hunt ready. I brought the kids down a few minutes later. They each had a little felt Easter bag and marked eggs to look for. Abby’s eggs had a sticker with an egg and a chick on them and Cade’s eggs had just a chick on them. It was nice to be outside and Abby had a lot of fun finding the eggs. Cade wasn’t sure what to make of it all, but he was glad when Abby handed him eggs for his bag. There was also a chocolate bunny for Cade and a chocolate chicken for Abby. Abby watches a show called Max and Ruby and in one of the episodes, the Easter bunny brings a chocolate chicken. I was so excited when I found the chicken in the grocery store near Neuschwanstein. I just kept hoping that it wouldn’t melt in the car. Luckily, it survived and Abby was excited to have it. Actually the night before, she asked me if the Easter bunny would bring a chocolate chicken. I might be in trouble next year šŸ™‚

After the egg hunt, we went back up to the room and finished packing up. We left the hotel mid-morning and were on our way. After entering The Netherlands, we stopped at a McDonald’s(again!) along the interstate. It was a pretty easy drive and uneventful. We pulled up to Matt and Sarah’s by about 1pm. While we were gone, the Easter Bunny left baskets for Abby and Cade (so nice!). Abby took a nap and we visited. We decided to skip the canal boat tour since we were pretty tired. We visited with family on Skype and learned that Derek’s sister Kelli got engaged on Friday! šŸ™‚ Later on, we enjoyed a fabulous Easter dinner cooked by Matt and Sarah, which Cade threw up right at the table. Ugh! Derek and Matt went to the 2nd half of the Amsterdam Ajax soccer game while Sarah and I stayed with the kids. Abby and Kaylin decorated paper eggs. Kaylin sent hers home with me to give to Papa Bud and Mana Jane. It was sweet! We spent the evening visiting and packing up our bags and the car. It was a fabulous trip, but I was ready to go home. Someday, I want to invent a travel machine that you can simply push a button and go to anywhere in the world. More and more, I do not look forward at all to the airports, airplanes, etc… Anyway, after the kids were sleeping, the adults stayed up for a while visiting and then it was time to get some rest.


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