Sunday, April 5, 2009

This day started at about 2am when Cade decided to wake up. Luckily Abby stayed asleep and Derek wanted to watch the Michigan St. vs. UConn basketball game online so he took Cade downstairs and got him back to sleep. While he was gone, though, we had another visitor. I thought I had gotten all of the food out of the bags, but I found out the next morning, I had actually missed some. The bag was closer to the bed this time, so I just kept banging on the bag until it decided to leave. I was glad it didn’t take too long and I was able to get back to sleep.

We started the day by driving to Keukenhof Garden. It was a short drive, about 20 minutes, and we arrived at about 10:00 am. Again we skipped the lines and were able to walk right in since we purchased and printed tickets online. We walked around and admired the beautiful flowers. There were whole fields of tulips and lots of other kinds of flowers too. Abby went through a maze and Kaylin rode the zipline with Sarah. Then we went into the petting zoo. A hairy donkey started chasing Matt when he was pushing Shane in the stroller. Matt asked me to help and he handed off the stroller to me. Of course, then, the hairy donkey started chasing me. I dodged and maneuvered my way through the crowd and was able to lose him. I figure I saved Shane from the crazy beast 🙂 The kids (and adults) waded through all the poo and smell and generally speaking had a good time. Then the girls played on the playground before it was time to eat lunch at the cafeteria. I had forgotten how European hamburgers taste and made the mistake of ordering one. Luckily Abby did not eat all of her chicken nuggets so I was able to sneak a few of those. I also got the girls each a tulip sucker which you will see pictures of later. They both licked and sucked on them all day long (literally)! After lunch we looked at more flowers. Derek, Matt, and Abby walked on some stepping stones across the water and were able to get a close look at a fountain out in the pond. I think it was nearly 3pm before we decided it was time to get heading back the house. Abby fell asleep on the way and we took her up to her bed when we got there.

After a few hours, we woke her up so we could go on a canal boat tour. After a tram ride and a walk, we got to the boat tour and saw that it lasted more than an hour. We decided it had been a long enough day and that we would probably be better off holding off on the tour. We walked to the flower market instead. I bought some tulip bulbs to bring home and we walked along the rest of the market. Back at the house we relaxed and the kids played on the back patio. Just before bed, Abby and Kaylin colored eggs and Cade colored (or cracked and drew on) one. The girls had a lot of fun choosing their colors and stirring and splashing! Matt tried out an old family spin, swirl trick which (kind of) worked. It was fun. I couldn’t believe that our time in Amsterdam was coming to an end. I was glad to know that we were coming back on Easter so that we didn’t really have to say goodbye just yet.


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