Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy birthday Papa Michael!

We woke Cade up at about 8:45 and tried to give him some breakfast before we pulled out at 9am. We were able to use Matt’s car from his work, which was awesome! Well, not the car exactly…it was a small Opel Corsa (or something like that) (it was actually one of his co-workers) but the fact that is was free was AWESOME! Anyway, we were probably about 20 minutes into our 4 hour + drive when Cade threw up in his seat. We pulled off the interstate and got him and the seat cleaned up as best we could with diaper wipes. He seemed to be okay, so we continued on. Both of the kids fell asleep for awhile, which was nice, and then we stopped for lunch right off the autobahn. We were in Germany and the only way I knew was because EXIT had changed from UIT to AUSFAHRT. Now, because of my sister-in-law’s lesson for me, I knew that AUSFAHRT was exit and not a really big town 🙂 The restaurant had a play area for the kids so we took time and relaxed and let them get some exercise. While we were there, suddenly the camera said there were no pictures on the memory card. Sarah had put them on their computer so we used her cell phone (which they had let us borrow) and called Matt to tell him to make sure not to delete them. Luckily, as you know from earlier posts, the pictures all made it! Whew! So, we were on our way again. The German Autobahn is crazy, but it works. All you have to do is stay in the right lane (not just the middle lane) unless you are actively passing someone. When you need to pass, look to make sure that no one is coming for a long time, get in the middle or left lane and floor it. Really, if people in the US would just stay over unless they were passing, it would clear up the roads so much. We usually traveled between 80 and 90 mph and got up to 100 mph more than once. It seemed unsafe at first with the kids in the car, but other people were driving so fast that if you went slowly, it was actually (I think) more likely to be in an accident from someone hitting you from behind. We were well on our way and had just stopped for a rest and some icecream when we were making our way up a mountain. Cade threw up…a lot! We pulled off in a pull off area and got him out of his seat. We had to take the seat out of the car and vomit was dripping out of the bottom. I changed his clothes while Derek tried to scrub out the seat with diaper wipes. Ugh…what a mess! We found out later that day that Cade was cutting molars. He also had a cold. Factor in the time change and being out of his normal surroundings and possible motion sickness from the fast moving Corsa and it is no wonder why he threw up. Poor boy! Well, we got cleaned up the best we could and we were on our way again.

I was never so happy to have a road trip end as when we pulled into the city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. I had pretty specific directions of how to get to the B&B and it led us right into the old city. We drove through the big tower, made a few turns and we pulled into the parking area of the Hotel Garni Kreuzerhof. The owners greeted us as we got out of the car and it seemed like a decent enough place. Derek got us checked in and instead of the double room that I had reserved, he took us to a quadruple room and asked if that would be okay…yes! The room was not fancy, but it was clean and spacious. We took a little time to unload the car and get organized and then we headed out for some dinner. We found a nice little restaurant, Adria, right next to the wall where we came into town. We sat outside and ordered 2 pizzas and some drinks. The food came before too long and it was good. We ate it all and then headed for a park. The kids played for awhile and then we walked through the town. Rothenburg is an old, walled city and there was something about it that just didn’t feel real. It was just so old. Some of the buildings had dates on them from the early 1600’s. All the shops were closed, so we just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We strolled into the town square just before 8:00, which turned out to be perfect timing. At 8pm, the big clock in the square began to chime and two windows opened up like on a cuckoo clock. Two men drank their beer and moved around. After that a real night watchman came into the square and the people all gathered around. He gives a tour every night, but we figured with the kids it would probably last too long for us, so we didn’t go. We did, however, get to listen to his introduction and watch lots of people getting their pictures taken with him. Abby said, “I want my picture taken with that man.” I said, “You do?!” Her answer was yes, so I told her, “Well, get up there then.” When she looked at him kind of sideways with her finger in her mouth, the crowd all gave a chuckle. It was too cute! After that we headed back to the B&B for some much needed rest. It was a long day but what a neat, neat town. I went to bed excited to explore the town again the next day.

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