Thursday, April 2, 2009

We left our house at about 12:30pm just minutes after the garbage truck picked up all of our stinky diapers (good that they weren’t stuck in the garage for 11 days!) and then on our way out of the neighborhood, we were stopped by the UPS truck with a kickball that we were supposed to take to Matt in Amsterdam. We made our way to Mendota and met our driver at Mike and Toni’s. I got the inflated kickball stuffed into one of the duffel bags and we pulled out of Mendota at a few minutes after 1:00 and were on our way. We made good time to the airport and the kids took short naps on the way.

We made it to the AerLingus check in desk and checked in without any problems. The security line was quite long, but lucky for us, there was a separate line for families traveling with small children. It was still long, but not as long as the other lines! Abby’s only issue was taking off her shoes for security. I’m not sure what that was all about except that she was already tired, but luckily it didn’t last long and was forgotten once she got to put her shoes back on. Our gate was just on the other side of the security check so it was easy to get to and we had plenty of time to spare. Luckily there was a nice little children’s area just down the hallway where they could learn about fire safety. I’m not sure they learned anything, but they had fun using the pretend pay phone and messing with the computer. It was a good time killer and they were able to move around so Derek and I were happy too.

The kids were looking at our plane and waiting patiently until it was time to board. Abby called it the “Shamrock Shake Plane.”

It was finally time to board and we actually took off early because all of the passengers were there on time (that never happens!). We also hit a jetstream on the way which lessened our flying time by more than an hour. The flight went fine with no major events, which was wonderful. We also ended up with 5 seats instead of 3 so we were able to spread out a little bit. That worked out well when Abby was finally readyto lay down to sleep. The only part that could have been better was that they took forever to turn the lights off so the kids did not want to fall asleep. They finally fell asleep with about 3 1/2 hours to go. Cade was in the bassinet, which essentially a cardboard box with a pad in it but he was so tall that we had to hang his legs out the end. It was pretty cute!

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