Friday, April 3, 2009

We landed in Dublin, Ireland and made our way into the airport only to find that Cade’s diaper had not held up as well as expected and he was soaked through. We found a bench as there were no “toilettes” to be found. We got out the changing pad, diaper, wipes, extra onesie, and pants… pants… pants… OMG…where are his extra pants?! Oh, yeah, I packed so early that I didn’t have enough pants to put in the diaper bag and thought I would just put some in before we left. Well, I didn’t. So, we made it through customs and security with Cade wearing only a onesie, socks, and shoes. It looked quite strange, but oh well. We found a store and bought some very European looking khaki pants and paid more than I will for his entire summer wardrobe! At least he was clothed. When I asked the clerk for scissors to cut off the tags, she replied, “There are no returns or exchanges once the tags are off.” I realize she was just doing her job, but seriously, we were in an airport and my kid was not currently wearing any pants. What did she think we were going to do with them? Anyway, we made our way to the gate area and had a snack to pass the time. It was drizzly and cold looking outside and it reminded me of our trip just a few years ago. We boarded another AerLingus flight and were on our way to Amsterdam. We arrived early and made our way into the country with no questions asked. We collected our 3 bags and carseat and looked around for Matt. We changed money and ran into Matt on his way into the airport. We didn’t even realize that our flight arrived about 20 minutes early. It was so strange to be in a foreign country and then to see Derek’s cousin. I have traveled to many places, but don’t have family anywhere out of the country. In fact, almost all of my family lives within a day’s drive away. It was so good to see Matt and have a friendly face in a foreign country when I usually feel overwhelmed. I got to sit back and just let Matt take us to their house. We were greeted by beautiful weather and even though we were SO tired, I felt energized to be in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We arrived at Matt and Sarah’s house and I couldn’t believe how big Shane was. The last time we saw him, he was just a little baby. Now he is walking some and playing and babbling. Kaylin was full of energy and seemed to be happy that we were there. She gave us a tour of the house and then we went to the basement to the toy room to play. After awhile, Abby went upstairs for nap and I joined her awhile later. Later on, Sarah and I took the kids to the park down the street while Derek and Matt rode bikes to the store. I have never seen so many bikes (except maybe in China)! The kids played in the sand, climbed, and went down the slide. It was interesting to watch Abby’s reaction when she realized she didn’t know what other kids were saying.

We turned in fairly early that night (I think between 7 and 8:30 for all of us) as it had been a VERY long day.

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